Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Busy life, good times

Quick update on things: yes, I am alive. I hardly have time for myself anymore, but I am doing well.
Illness-wise, I found this new doctor over Christmas, and after a couple of weeks full of desperation where everything seemed to be taking the wrong turn, things started looking bright and here I am. I hardly get attacks anymore, and I feel so much better. I need to be careful when I eat, and obviously I am not allowed to drink, but hey, this is to a pretty normal life!!
Academia-wise, results are not as great as they should have been, but given I had to write my essays during those weeks of desperation, and got mitigating circumstances, everyone is being fully supportive about it and hopefully I should crack May's exams. In addition, I got a solid First in the subject I love the most, so I've shown myself it can be done.
And then there's everything else!
I'm becoming more and more involved in Model United Nations. I am part of York's UNA committee, and I am increasingly involved in conferences. Just last weekend I attended LIMUN in London and this next May I will be chairing a committee at a conference in Barcelona. I am aware of its limitations, but it is so much fun, and hey, you don't get an encouraging letter from Ban Ki-moon as a LIMUN delegate everyday (yeah, we got that!).
I'm also involved in my uni's Spanish Society. By involved I mean, a friend and I founded it and are trying to promote it. Just tomorrow we'll be serving sangria and kalimotxo for 300 people and diverse Spanish food for 200 on Saturday. All paid for by our Students' Union!
To top this off, I have decided to do some volunteering to get some work experience, and in order for it to be fun and enjoyable, I have become actively involved in teaching. I am a French and Spanish language assistant at a secondary school for a few hours a week. Because this obviously was not enough, I am teaching some Spanish workshops at a local sixth form as well, as part of their enrichment programme (and yeah, I'm the actual teacher in this!). I will probably choose not to become a teacher, but working with kids (some of them 3 years my juniors!!) is giving me a set of skills, some of them I thought I did not have at all. I am learning to be patient, understanding, and to actually try and make a difference to these kids' language abilities. Who would have told me, I would enjoy teaching! But I do, and I seriously advise everyone who has a chance to do it to try and do it, it won't be easy but it sure will be an incredibly gratifying experience.

And that's... oh, wait. There's actually more. The most important single bit is missing from the picture altogether. I have started writing articles, like the ones I used to write in here, but actual people are reading them, applying a bit of editing to cut the rough edges, and publishing them elsewhere.
I am still writing for the website I told you about a few months ago, United Explanations. They recently published an interview I had the chance to make to the coordinator of my town's branch of Caritas, an important charity in Spain and many other countries doing an incredible job in such difficult times. Sorry it's only in Spanish for now, I am working on an English translation which should be available within a few weeks.
I'm also writing for one of my uni's two most important print newspapers, and a couple of articles have been published so far.
In addition, I wrote another piece for a student print magazine in London and will know more in forthcoming weeks!

I am also starting off a couple of projects for the summer, and have also started browsing for potential dissertation topics and potential masters I would like to take, but that's still in the early stages so I won't update you on that for now.

Finally, if you want to read my pieces, it'd mean a lot to me. You can also give me some feedback if you want (both good and bad will be appreciated as long as it's constructive!), and share them if you like them. Some are better than others, of course, but at the end of the day this is hopefully only the beginning, and I still have a lot to learn (and hopefully more to practice!):

- Entrevista a José Luís López de Càritas Premià, United Explanations.
- The Spanish Comparison, York Vision.
- The Rise of Gay Europe, York Vision.

Hope life's well for everyone. I may be very busy but I cannot complain!